Monday, February 28, 2011

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The Blue Stars have fun and win.

Piazza Armerina. He was held at the premises of the oratory of the Daughters of Mary Help of the third day festival organized by category and Propaganda Mini three provincial committees of the Salesian Youth Polisportive Enna, Caltanissetta and Agrigento, and attended by more than a hundred young Athletes from almost all of Sicily. Once again the presence of blue stars in Piazza Armerina - led by President Toto Prophet - in the mini category is made to feel the presence of many parents who cheered loudly for their children who have excelled in the field, bringing home three hits.
After the celebration led by Fr Joseph Fausciana charge of Youth Ministry Diocese of Piazza Armerina have started competing with the formation piazzese has seen its ranks, the use of two new young employees who have also played a very good performance. Decided to use the new goalkeeper, Nicola Cancare, left the field with zero goals conceded. Provision to be framed for the athlete Alex Arcuri certain star of the victory of the driver and his companions. The team took to the field with Mirco Palma, Rosario Sanfilippo, Mario Cianciolo, Giuseppe Salerno and Salvatore Advanced, for health reasons have remained at rest Alessio Ficarra and Matteo Alberti. The two educators and trainers, and Andrea Palma Palumeri Ishmael declares, "to participate in these celebrations with grit evolontà game brings benefits to everyone, but especially for parents who perhaps wanted to win more of their children. The day also saw the presence of President Salvador Prophet as well as bring good luck, said: "I have short and long term projects for society and citizens to bear the name of the Salesian Youth Polisportive all Piazzesi" . The boys now are preparing for the final day festival to be held in the Pietraperzia 27 March and where the two coaches, and Andrea Palma Palumeri Ishmael hope to have the same joys and the same joy in seeing the fruits of their work.


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